Military Reservist Sentenced to 6 Years in Jail for Attack on Trudeau Residence

Military Reservist Sentenced to 6 Years in Jail for Attack on Trudeau Residence

Mar 11, 2021

Toronto (Canada), March 11: Corey Hurren, a Canadian military reservist who stormed the gates of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's private residence, has been sentenced to six years in prison minus time served in detention, CTV News reported.
Hurren, 46, will spend the next five years in prison, after Judge Robert Wadden of the Ontario Court of Justice handed down his decision on Wednesday. Hurren has not expressed remorse for his actions and was deemed by Wadden to represent an "ongoing risk", according to the report.
On July 2, the Manitoba native drove a pickup truck through the gates of Rideau Hall, gaining access to the grounds of Trudeau's residence. The Canadian Rangers reservist was shortly thereafter apprehended by members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Last month, Hurren pleaded guilty to seven weapons charges and one charge of mischief for causing nearly $80,000 worth of damage to the Rideau Hall gate.
Hurren had told investigators that he wanted to confront the prime minister during a press briefing by the latter as a means of changing the country. Canada's federal police agency said at the time that neither the prime minister nor the current governor general, Julie Payette, were at the residence during the incident.
Rideau Hall in Ottawa is the official residence of Canada's monarch or the monarch's official representative in Canada, the governor general. Trudeau and his family were moved to the compound in 2015 after renovations began at the official residence of the prime minister.
Source: Sputnik