Tokyo airport improving its baggage facility with latest technology

Feb 21, 2019

Tokyo (Japan), Feb 21 (ANI): Japan’s airport has been busier than ever. And as the total number of inbound tourists reaches record high each year in Japan, the amount of checked baggage and cargo has also increased. At the same time, due to the declining population of the country, there has been a shortage of staff in the workforce. Here in Tokyo International Airport, the latest wearable robot technology was co-introduced by JGS (Japan Airline Ground Service) and Japanese tech company, ATOUN to overcome these current conditions. This ATOUN MODEL Y improves productivity by helping reduce physical stress by 10kg that can occur over time on the carrier’s airport personnel. In a joint press conference ATOUN and Japan Airlines explained the reason behind the decision to employ this technology. The newly developed device mainly supports the lower half of the body. The gear is now being used when staff sort baggage from conveyor belt to load them to the container and also when storing baggage in the cargo warehouse. Here, the media staff was able to experience this powered wear. Many were impressed by the easiness of its use and the lightness. The award-winning developer, ATOUN is known for its modern yet simple wearable robotic device. The company plans to further downsize its current simplistic design to eventually fit the word “wear.” Through shared vision for the future, Japanese companies continue to strive and look to create a safe working environment for every member of society.