“Shameful…”: Sikh leaders lambast Khalistanis for attack Indian Embassy in US’ San Francisco

Mar 21, 2023

Washington DC (USA), Mar 21 (ANI): Khalistani elements have reared their ugly heads as crackdown intensifies against Amritpal Singh. Triggered by action against ‘Waris Punjab De’ chief, pro-Khalistanis attacked Indian embassies in US and UK. India has strongly protested as Khalistanis attacked Indian Consulate in US after vandalizing High Commission in London. Videos of Khalistanis breaking the doors and barging into the office surfaced on social media. Condemning the attack in San Francisco, US pledged to defend the safety and security of these facilities. Raising their voice, Sikh leaders in US condemned the attacks and refuted claims of increasing footprints of Khalistan. In a disgraceful act, the protesters attempted to take down Indian Flag in the UK High Commission. However, the tricolour was rescued by Indian security personnel at High Commission. Indian High Commission placed a bigger tricolour after vandalism by Amritpal supporters.