People in Nepal celebrate ‘Sikali Jatra’ festival

Oct 24, 2020

Lalitpur (Nepal), Oct 24 (ANI): Known for its cultural identity and mustard oil, Khokana, a medieval Newari heritage village in the Southern part of Kathmandu Valley celebrated the Sikali Jatra instead of the Dashain Festival. Observed for a period of five days, the Sikali Jatrais are dedicated to goddess "Shikali" who also is known as "Ajima" or Mother Goddess. It is believed that Gods and Goddesses in human form take flights as they tour around the Sikali temple which is located at a grassy hill just outside the village. The ritual started with Goddess Rudrayani or Sikali being carried in a wooden chariot throughout the village and rested in front of the temple in Khokana along with various religious copper vessels.