Mass arrest by NY Police as Pro-Palestinian protestors occupy Hamilton Hall of Columbia University

May 01, 2024

New York (USA) May 01 (ANI): Pro-Palestinian protesters at Columbia University were arrested by New York Police Department (NYPD) on April 30, As Pro-Palestinian protests continues to rage US Universities, dozens of helmeted police marched on to Columbia University's campus. As per The New York Times, escalating the tensions further that have gripped the varsities across the US currently. The arrests took place hours after protesters had caught hold of a campus building. The protesters stormed and occupied Hamilton hall of the university in the main campus overnight waving Palestinian flag. The officers burst through a window to enter Hamilton Hall, then led demonstrators in zip ties into law enforcement buses. The NYPD cops arrived at university around 9 pm (local time) on April 30 and began dispersing the encampment