JCB issued credit card in Cambodia

Feb 21, 2019

Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Feb 21 (ANI): Cambodia’s economy has been booming and the growth in the form of construction of new skyscrapers, shopping centers and development in various fields can be seen throughout the country especially in capital city of Phnom Penh. The young generation makes this country a business heaven. Hoping to benefit from this situation "Acleda BANK" in Cambodia announced issuance of debit card with Japanese company "JCB". "Acleda Bank", which started as a NGO supporting small and medium-sized enterprise, is a commercial bank that has a major role in Cambodia's economic development. As cashless is becoming more globalized, citizens will be able to use settlements in two currencies: US Dollar and Cambodian Riel. In this regard, Japanese card company “JCB” with its global network will be a great partner to "Acleda Bank". “ACLEDA Bank” which helps Cambodia to achieve economic development, and the international brand JCB partnership, will help develop more Asian countries and enrich people life.