How Pakistan government wanted to control PTI with Imran Khan’s arrest? Analyst explains

May 12, 2023

New Delhi, May 12 (ANI): While the arrest of Pakistan’s ex-PM Imran Khan triggered widespread violence in various parts of debt-ridden country. The Pakistan Supreme Court has declared Imran Khan’s arrest ‘illegal’ and ordered immediate arrest of PTI Chief. Meanwhile, Amit Ranjan, a research fellow at Institute of South Asian Studies, Singapore, has dubbed Imran’s arrest a ‘political move’ by Pakistan government. The Analyst said that Shehbaz-led Pakistan government is trying to control Khan before polls and asserted that crisis in Pak will continue PTI chief Imran Khan was arrested by Pakistan Rangers outside Islamabad High Court on May 09. Violent protests were witnessed on the streets of Pakistan as Imran Khan’s supporters went on a rampage