‘Al-Maserah’ parade at display on Saudi Arabia’s Foundation Day

Feb 25, 2023

Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Feb 25 (ANI): On the concluding ceremony of its three-day ‘Founding Day’ celebrations, Saudi Arabia on February 25 showcased its military might, a plethora of cultures from across the country in ‘Al-Maserah’ parade bringing Turki Awal Road in Riyadh alive with song and dance. Armed men and women commandoes, horse riders with swords, several tableaux, and women and children in colourful attires moved on the Turki Awal Road where the nearly three-hour long ‘Al-Maserah'’ parade was organised.’ Al-Maserah’ is a huge parade that tells the story of authenticity, connectivity, development, and narration of courage, perfection and generosity that the soldiers of the Saudi Arabian kingdom and its countrymen tell through a parade involving horses, camels and giant artistic figures. This was the second time that Saudi Arabia organised its 'Founding Day celebrations.