The Moral Cost of Christmas: Products that are Paying for the Invasion of Ukraine

The Moral Cost of Christmas: Products that are Paying for the Invasion of Ukraine

Dec 24, 2022

Kiev [Ukraine], December 24: The Moral Rating Agency released a list of 'immoral brands' that should be avoided during the holiday season and beyond. They all carry an 'MRA moral health warning'.
They are all owned by companies with some ongoing business involvement with Russia and the owners all rank among the largest companies in the world. The MRA also releases a ranking of these companies, described as "Christmas culprits", and it is calling for their brands to be boycotted.
Mark Dixon, founder of the MRA, said: "Don't eat Christmas products that pay for the invasion of Ukraine at Christmas. An immoral brand doesn't taste very good if you close your eyes and think about its owner's association with the war in Ukraine."
What not to shop?
Not all the brands are available in Russia but the MRA has found their owners to be involved with Russia. The MRA is calling for all brands owned by companies still involved in Russia to be boycotted.
By purchasing them at Christmas, consumers are supporting companies that have failed to cut ties with Russia and are supporting Putin's ability to finance his attacks on Ukraine.
The MRA founder points out: "Christmas should not be a time for blind consumerism but a time to think about those less fortunate and especially avoid consumption that exacerbates misery".
"There is Xmas in the West, but there is still a war in Ukraine. Don't be indirectly part of it," he added.
The 59 brands to cross off your shopping list have been selected from over a thousand 'immoral brands' based on how well-known they are as consumer brands and how immoral their owners are.
The Moral Rating Agency has assigned the brands a 'moral cost' based on its corporate rating of the brand owner. The agency rates companies according to five dimensions: degree and speed of exit from Russia, how courageously they spoke out, as well as the impact they had on the Russian economy and the sacrifice to the company itself.
Source: Novinite