The Launch of BlockDAG's Technical Whitepaper Ignites Las Vegas, Raising USD 16.4M in Presale & Overshadowing NFTFN & 5th Scape Presale

The Launch of BlockDAG's Technical Whitepaper Ignites Las Vegas, Raising USD 16.4M in Presale & Overshadowing NFTFN & 5th Scape Presale

Apr 12, 2024

New Delhi [India], April 12: Following its V2 technical whitepaper release and a striking display at the Las Vegas Sphere, BlockDAG (BDAG) presale has surged, amassing USD 16.4 million and garnering predictions of a 30,000x return on investment.
This achievement places BlockDAG in the spotlight amidst a vibrant crypto landscape featuring the 5th Scape Presale and NFTFN Presale. BlockDAG distinguishes itself with its cutting-edge technology, advanced mining solutions, and a groundbreaking crypto payment card that integrates cryptocurrency with everyday spending.
Exploring 5th Scape Presale Potential
The 5th Scape Presale is a beacon for those interested in the convergence of AR, VR, and cryptocurrency, with its ICO already raising over USD 4 million. At just USD 0.00248 per token, the 5th Scape Presale is on many investors' radars for its promise of a 100x return. This innovative project merges high-quality gaming with blockchain technology, offering an extensive sports, combat, and racing games library.

The 5th Scape Presale not only introduces the VR Ultra headset for an unmatched gaming experience but also secures a place for its token holders in a decentralised marketplace, emphasising its utility in transactions. With a fixed supply of 5.21 billion $5SCAPE tokens, the presale highlights potential benefits like lifetime access to games and attractive staking rewards.
Unveiling the Potential of NFTFN Presale
The NFTFN Presale emerges as a groundbreaking initiative in the NFT market, attracting attention with innovative financial technology solutions. With over USD 500K raised from significant figures, including Polygon's co-founder, and strong backing from over 500 investors, NFTFN sets the stage for a revolutionary approach to NFT trading.
NFTFN addresses critical market challenges by offering an order-book-based decentralised exchange that simplifies entry into premium NFT trading and enhances liquidity. The platform's flagship index, SuperNova (SNV), allows for speculation on NFT collection floor prices, making it a compelling option for those seeking to engage with NFTs without traditional barriers.

BlockDAG's Payment Card & 30,000x ROI Potential
BlockDAG has catapulted into the limelight following its V2 technical whitepaper release and an impressive showcase at the Las Vegas Sphere, achieving a staggering presale figure of over USD 16.4 million. Now progressing through its eighth batch for USD 0.0045, with more than 7 billion coins sold, BlockDAG has become a destination for potential astronomical returns, with analysts predicting up to a 30,000x ROI post-mainnet launch.
BlockDAG introduces a groundbreaking way to integrate digital currencies into everyday spending through the BlockDAG crypto payment card, marking a significant advancement in bridging the gap between digital assets and conventional transactions.
This card enables users to convert BDAG coins or various supported cryptocurrencies to fiat at the point of sale, simplifying the act of making routine purchases with crypto. Such a feature exemplifies the practical use of crypto with a credit card and underscores BlockDAG's commitment to enhancing cryptocurrency's role in daily life.
Leveraging Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology, BlockDAG vastly surpasses traditional blockchain performance by handling up to 15,000 transactions per second, thereby addressing common issues of fees and delays. This integration of high-speed technological infrastructure with user-friendly financial tools places BlockDAG at the vanguard of creating a more accessible and efficient digital financial ecosystem.

Why Must You Invest in BlockDAG?
Among the 5th Scape Presale and NFTFN Presale, BlockDAG stands out with its crypto with credit card feature, merging cryptocurrency with daily finance. Leveraging DAG technology for up to 15,000 transactions per second, BlockDAG excels in efficiency and accessibility.
Its payment card, differing from 5th Scape's gaming and NFTFN's trading focus, positions BlockDAG as the prime choice for integrating digital assets into everyday life, promising a streamlined digital financial ecosystem.

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