Russian Embassy in Washington welcomes US decision to deport former guard of Nazi camp

Russian Embassy in Washington welcomes US decision to deport former guard of Nazi camp

Feb 22, 2021

Moscow (Russia), February 22: The Russian Embassy in Washington on Monday welcomed the US decision to deport to Germany a 95-year-old Friedrich Karl Berger, who served as an armed guard of the Neuengamme Concentration Camp during World War II.
On Saturday, Berger was transported from the US to the central German city of Frankfurt under the Holtzman Amendment that envisaged that all Nazi war criminals should be deported from the US. The deportation coincided with the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg trials against 24 top officials of Nazi Germany, held from 20 November 1945, to 1 October 1946.
"We welcome the #US actions aimed at finding Nazi criminals. The decision on the Berger's case shows that the atrocities of Hitlerite executioners and their accomplices have no statute of limitaton. This is all the more important on 75th anniversary of the #Nuremberg trials," the embassy wrote on Twitter.
In November, the US Board of Immigration Appeals upheld the deportation of Berger, who lived in the state of Tennessee, over serving as a concentration camp guard in World War II.
Berger, who moved to Tennessee in 1959, did not deny that he served as a guard in the camp. However, he tried to justify himself, saying that he was forced to work there.
Over 100,000 prisoners came through the Neuengamme concentration camp near Meppen, Germany. The largest groups of prisoners were Russian, Dutch and Polish civilians. Over 40,000 people died in the camp.
The 1978 Holtzman Amendment initiated the US Justice Department's program to detect, investigate and remove Nazi persecutors from the country. The department has won cases against 109 individuals.
Source: Sputnik