Legendary Designer Manish Malhotra Inspires the Next Generation of Designers at NIFD Global

Legendary Designer Manish Malhotra Inspires the Next Generation of Designers at NIFD Global

Jun 18, 2024

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], June 18: NIFD Global proudly hosted a live session with celebrated fashion designer Manish Malhotra, providing an unparalleled opportunity for students to learn from one of the industry's leading figures. Renowned for his exceptional contributions to the world of design, Manish Malhotra's session enriched the educational experience at NIFD Global, inspiring the next generation of designers.
With an illustrious career spanning over three decades, Manish Malhotra has redefined Indian fashion with his exquisite designs and innovative aesthetics. His iconic creations have graced international runways and adorned Bollywood's biggest stars, making him a household name in the global design industry. Beyond fashion, Manish Malhotra has made significant strides in interior design and furnishings, crafting spaces that exude luxury and sophistication. His foray into the cosmetic industry further solidifies his reputation as a multifaceted creative force.
During the live session, Manish Malhotra shared his wealth of knowledge and invaluable insights with aspiring designers. Through interactive discussions and personalized guidance, he empowered students to explore their creativity, refine their skills, and embark on successful careers in the dynamic world of design.
Manish Malhotra's unparalleled expertise and visionary approach to design undoubtedly inspired the students of NIFD Global. They were motivated to reach new heights of creativity and excellence. Manish remarked, "I feel extremely delighted to witness the young brigade of inquisitive designers as they seemed hungry for knowledge. It was my pleasure interacting with these aspiring students."
Legendary designer Manish Malhotra launched and unveiled the 'LAUNCHPAD' show at Dubai Fashion Week, celebrating culture, creativity, and couture. NIFD Global x LST collaborates with DFW, giving students a unique opportunity to showcase their talent on the runway, join the implementation team, and participate in a 10-day residential program. DFW is committed to showcasing the city's creativity and fostering growth in the Arab fashion industry. Students will design and present at DFW, with potential internships offering invaluable industry insights.
This live session with Manish Malhotra marks an exciting chapter in NIFD Global's commitment to providing world-class education and nurturing the next generation of fashion leaders. As students continue their journey with NIFD Global, they can look forward to learning from industry icons and shaping their futures with expert guidance. The design students and team present from pan India at the event were thrilled to get clicked with the maestro Manish Malhotra.
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