Doctor says President Biden 'healthy enough to work'

Doctor says President Biden 'healthy enough to work'

Feb 29, 2024

Washington [US], February 29: US President Joe Biden exercises at least 5 days a week and is "healthy enough to work", even though the 82-year-old leader had a root canal last year and is being treated for sleep apnea.
In a report on Mr. Biden 's annual health status , published on February 28, Dr. Kevin O'Connor said the 46th US president continues to have a stiff gait but this condition has not worsened compared to the previous year. with last year, according to Reuters.
In addition, the report also said that Mr. Biden has "peripheral neuropathy" in both legs, gastroesophageal reflux, allergies as well as spinal arthritis, and he is being treated with medication.
Dr. O'Connor wrote: "The President feels well and there are no new concerns about his health this year... He continues to be healthy enough to work and fully carry out all of his responsibilities." without any exemption or adjustment."
Mr. Biden's health has received more attention this year as he ran for another term as the oldest president in US history.
Mr. Biden was examined at a military hospital in Maryland on February 28. When he returned to the White House, he told reporters that the results were no different from last year's test.
"Nothing is different from last year... Everything is great," Mr. Biden told reporters about the results.
Last year, doctors also declared Mr. Biden "healthy enough to work".
This year's health check takes place when the president from the Democratic party and former President Donald Trump of the Republican party are likely to fight each other again in the election taking place on November 5. Both of their age and health are issues of concern as Mr. Trump will also turn 78 this year.
The two candidates attacked each other regarding health issues. Ms. Nikki Haley, 52 years old and Mr. Trump's last opponent in the race for the Republican nomination, said that both of them are too old to take on responsibilities in the White House and need to be tested for their ability. cognitive ability.
White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters that President Biden has not taken a cognitive test and does not need one.
Mr. Biden enjoys playing golf and cycling in his free time. However, his speech incidents or stumbles have raised concerns about his age and ability to fulfill the requirements of the position of commander in chief of the United States.
When asked if there was anything Americans should be concerned about, Mr. Biden joked about his age: "Well, they think I look too young."
Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper