Delhi Police's e-Beat Book system: Step towards smart ground-level policing

Delhi Police's e-Beat Book system: Step towards smart ground-level policing

Apr 01, 2021

New Delhi [India], March 31 (ANI): In an attempt to make ground-level policing smarter Delhi Police has adopted the e-Beat Book system.
Under the leadership of Delhi Police Commissioner SN Shrivastava, the e-Beat Book system has been successfully implemented by the force.
The web-enabled application was introduced on August 15, 2020 and covers 178 Police stations, 822 divisions and 1752 beats.
The beat is the smallest unit in policing. Each police station is normally divided into 10-16 beats under the lookout of three to four Beat Officers who handle ground-level policing.
The Beat Officer, being an important link between police and the public, is responsible for the prevention and detection of crime and maintenance of law and order in his beat.
The e-Beat Book system has replaced the traditional paper Beat Book that used to contain voluminous data regarding special features of the Beat.
Now all the data is stored electronically in these handy, user-friendly and web-enabled smart devices. A Beat officer can have all relevant data i.e. Crime, Criminal, Dossier, Finger Print, Vehicle Registration etc. in a handheld device, without bothering to return to Police Station to search for records. The system fetches near real-time data from data banks of CCTNS, ERSS-112, Zipnet, Dossiers of criminals and Facial Recognition System (FRS) databases of Delhi Police.
The e-Beat Book also facilitates tenant and servant verification requests and redressal of local complaints with prompt disposal.
The e-Beat Book remains fed with updated information like beat map, vital installations, important people, people aiding criminals, bad characters, dark areas, critical points, senior citizens, vulnerable people staying alone and others. (ANI)