WTO debates setting up panel on Japan-S.Korea row

WTO debates setting up panel on Japan-S.Korea row

Jun 30, 2020

Geneva (Switzerland), June 30: The World Trade Organization has discussed whether to set up a panel to review Japan's tightened controls on exports of industrial materials to South Korea.
WTO members held the discussion on Monday, in response to a request Seoul made earlier this month.
The governments of both countries have been at odds over Japan's move in last July to tighten controls on three materials destined for South Korea. The items are used to make high-tech products, such as semiconductors.
The South Korean government said Japan's action violates international trade rules.
The Japanese government is opposed to the establishment of the dispute settlement panel.
It said its measure is aimed at preventing the materials from being diverted to military use and that, as a WTO member, it is allowed to take such a step.
Tokyo also noted that Japan has allowed the materials in question to be exported for civilian use. It said the dispute should be resolved through dialogue.
The panel was not set up on Monday, but it is likely that WTO members will approve the request to establish it at a meeting in July.
Under WTO rules, a panel is formed unless the members oppose it unanimously.
Source: NHK World