Stephen Blais keeps Orleans Liberal red

Stephen Blais keeps Orleans Liberal red

Feb 28, 2020

Ottawa (Canada) Feb 28: Stephen Blais will be trading in his seat at Ottawa's council table for one at Queen's Park.
CBC News is projecting that Blais, who represents the city's Cumberland ward, will keep the eastern Ottawa riding of Orleans for the Liberals.
With nearly 90 per cent of polls reporting, Blais was leading his nearest competitor, Progressive Conservative candidate Natalie Montgomery, by more than 8,100 votes.
The field also includes the NDP's Manon Parrot and Andrew West for the Greens.
The byelection was triggered when former Liberal MPP Marie-France Lalonde was elected as a federal Liberal in the fall.
Council seat up in the air
A well-known politician in Ottawa's east end and until recently the chair of the city's transportation committee, Blais was first elected to council in Cumberland ward in 2010 and was then handily re-elected in the following two municipal elections.
He has said he would only resign his council seat if he won Thursday's byelection.
Provincial law does permit Ottawa city council to appoint a replacement for Blais, but a municipal byelection could also be possible. That was the case when former councillor Tobi Nussbaum resigned in 2019 to head up the National Capital Commission.
Blais has said that one of his priorities at Queen's Park would be to offload the financial responsibility for Highway 174, which cuts through the riding, from the city to the province.
His Thursday night victory - along with that of fellow Liberal Lucille Collard in Ottawa-Vanier - means the party remains at eight seats, still short of official party status.
Source: CBC News