Pompeo condemns Hong Kong election postponement

Pompeo condemns Hong Kong election postponement

Aug 02, 2020

Washington DC (USA), Aug 2: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has condemned the Hong Kong government's decision to postpone the territory's Legislative Council elections by a year.
The Hong Kong government on Friday announced that it will postpone the elections that had been scheduled for September, citing the spread of the coronavirus as a reason.
Pro-democracy forces strongly opposed the move, saying it reflects Beijing's intention to prevent them from winning more seats on the council.
In a statement issued on Saturday, Pompeo criticized the decision, saying there is no valid reason for such a lengthy delay.
Pompeo said that if elections are not held in "a manner that reflects the will and aspirations of the Hong Kong people," the territory "will continue its march toward becoming just another Communist-run city in China."
As Beijing continues to strengthen its grip on the territory, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order last month to end the preferential economic and trade treatment for Hong Kong.
Source: NHK World