Over 90 dead in Pakistani plane crash

Over 90 dead in Pakistani plane crash

May 23, 2020

Islamabad (Pakistan), May 23: Reports say more than 90 people died in a Pakistani passenger plane crash on Friday.
Aviation authorities say an Airbus A320 belonging to Pakistan International Airlines came down in a residential area of Karachi on its way to a local airport.
It was traveling from the eastern city of Lahore, carrying about 100 passengers and crew.
Local government and hospital sources say authorities have so far recovered the remains of 92 people.
Local media have quoted aviation authorities as saying the pilot told air traffic controllers just before landing that the engines were not functioning normally.
Domestic flights had been suspended in Pakistan to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but were partly resumed in the middle of this month.
Aviation authorities plan to recover the so-called black boxes, which contain records of flight data and cockpit conversations.
Source: NHK World