Jennifer Aniston, Ashley Graham's friendship began over Instagram DMs, model reveals

Jennifer Aniston, Ashley Graham's friendship began over Instagram DMs, model reveals

Dec 02, 2020

Washington DC (USA) Dec 2: Ashley Graham took the first step when building a friendship with Jennifer Aniston.
The 33-year-old model recently appeared on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen," and discussed how she and the "Friends" star became pals.
"Well, I slid into her DMs first, but Jennifer Aniston and I definitely have lots of convos," she revealed. "We love to root for each other."
Graham added: "She's amazing."
Aniston, 51, isn't the only superstar that Graham has been in touch with lately, as she recalled Oscar winner Susan Sarandon being one of the first celebrities to admit they are a fan of Graham's.
"I love her. We worked out at the same gym before quarantine and I would see her at the gym and she always remembered my name," the star said excitedly. "I still am, to this day, just shocked, but I love her so much."
The final star she dished on was Lilly Singh, who she once spoke with on her podcast "Pretty Big Deal."
Graham said that Singh, 32, was not at all what she expected the late-night host to be.
"On her Instagram and her YouTube, she's very out there, very crazy," said the model. "But when I was interviewing her, she was very quiet and very reserved. It was nice to see a different side of her."
Graham also discussed her appearance at a Fendi fashion show in September, her first time back on the runway since welcoming her son, Isaac, in January.
The "strangest part" of the event, she said on the show, was the lack of face masks, despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and suggestions from health officials to wear such personal protective equipment.
"It was probably the touch-ups backstage when a lot of the models didn't have masks on and here we are getting our lips touched-up," she recalled. "It was a little bit weird, thinking about how we go from wearing a mask 24/7 to now, I'm just walking a runway without a mask."
The model said she had to "have a conversation with" herself about staying safe.
"Everybody was safe and everybody did what they had to do," she explained.
Source: Fox News