Japanese basketball players kicked off team in prostitution scandal at Asian Games

Japanese basketball players kicked off team in prostitution scandal at Asian Games

Aug 21, 2018

Tokyo [Japan] August 21: Four Japanese basketball players are paying their way home after being booted from the Asian Games for allegedly having sex with prostitutes in Jakarta, Indonesia.
"I feel a sense of shame," Yasushiro Yamashita, Japan's delegation head, said at a news conference (via Japan's Kyodo News). "We deeply apologize and intend to give the athletes thorough guidance from now on."
The incident allegedly occurred Thursday when the players, who were wearing their team uniforms and had just beaten Qatar, met a Japanese-speaking local who recommended a bar where they could meet women, according to Yamashita. After spending a few hours at the bar, they allegedly left with four women and checked into a hotel, staying there until the next morning.
"There were actions that violated the national team's code of conduct . . . and it betrayed the expectations of Japanese citizens," Yamashita said. "As the chief of the delegation, it is very regrettable, and I deeply apologize from the bottom my heart."
The Japanese Olympic Committed held an emergency meeting Tuesday with national team coaches at the multisport games, seeking to make sure that the conduct is not repeated.
"Because of our thoughtless behavior, we have caused tremendous trouble," one of the players, Yuya Nagayoshi, said. "We are taking a hard look at what we have done."
While Takuya Hashimoto, Keita Imamura, Takuma Sato and Nagayoshi return home, the remaining eight players will continue in the games, which have drawn about 18,000 athletes and officials to Jakarta and Palembang and end Sept. 1. The four will not be replaced
"The players flew back home at their own expense," Yamashita said. "The athletes should be role models of society, not only in the sporting venues but also on other occasions."
Yuko Mitsuya, the head of the Japan Basketball association, said in a statement that she "humbly" apologized to "[the] Japanese public, the JOC and everyone who supports basketball for this deplorable incident. We will decide on the appropriate punishment for the four players once we have heard all the facts. We need to work harder to make sure this kind of scandal does not happen again."
Source: Washington Post