Global coronavirus cases top 10.1 million

Global coronavirus cases top 10.1 million

Jun 30, 2020

Tokyo (Japan), June 30: Data compiled by a US university shows the number of confirmed coronavirus infections worldwide has topped 10.1 million.
Johns Hopkins University says the number of global cases was at 10,199,798, as of 18:00 UTC on Monday.
The US led the list with 2,564,163 cases; followed by Brazil with 1,344,143; Russia with 640,246; India with 548,318; and Britain with 313,467.
Deaths worldwide totaled 502,947.
The US had the most fatalities, with 125,928; followed by Brazil with 57,622; Britain with 43,659; Italy with 34,744; and France with 29,781.
Source: NHK World