China urges orderly resumption of entry, exit services

China urges orderly resumption of entry, exit services

Feb 27, 2020

Beijing (China), Feb 27: China has rolled out a series of measures to facilitate entry and exit services in an effort to support the country's resumption of work and production amid the novel coronavirus epidemic, according to the National Immigration Administration (NIA).
Adopting differentiated measures to curb the epidemic, regions of low risks should fully resume their services for entry and exit, while the medium-risk regions need to gradually reopen the services in accordance with their epidemic situation. Emergency appointment services will be available in high-risk areas to handle applications of urgent cases, the NIA said in a statement.
For foreigners engaging in innovation, entrepreneurship and scientific research in China, they can automatically receive a two-month residence period extension if their visa or residence permit expires during the epidemic prevention and control period, it read.
Related entry and exit agencies will provide round-the-clock expedited services for both Chinese and foreigners who are involved in anti-epidemic activities such as medical aid, drug research and development as well as academic exchanges, the administration added.
The administration stressed strengthened quarantine measures at immigration offices and customs services. Online application services have also been put in place to reduce the flow of personnel and the risk of infection.
Source: Xinhua News Agency