Alison Roman's New York Times column 'on temporary leave' after Chrissy Teigen, Marie Kondo remarks: report,

Alison Roman's New York Times column 'on temporary leave' after Chrissy Teigen, Marie Kondo remarks: report,

May 20, 2020

Washington (USA) May 20: Alison Roman's New York Times column won't be turning out any fresh content for the time being, according to a new report.
A rep for the Times confirmed to the Daily Beast on Tuesday that Roman's column has been placed "on temporary leave."
Per the outlet, the Times did not indicate how long the leave would last nor did it state a specific reason as to why.
Earlier this month, the New York Times food columnist made headlines after she made insensitive remarks about Chrissy Teigen and Marie Kondo's respective businesses, telling The New Consumer in an interview that Teigen's Cravings website was a "content farm" and that Kondo had "sold out."
"Like, what Chrissy Teigen has done is so crazy to me. She had a successful cookbook. And then it was like: Boom, line at Target. Boom, now she has an Instagram page that has over a million followers where it's just, like, people running a content farm for her," Roman told the outlet.
The columnist added: "That horrifies me and it's not something that I ever want to do. I don't aspire to that. But like, who's laughing now? Because she's making a ton of f--king money."
She also bashed organizing consultant Kondo, also known as Konmari, for capitalizing on her fame. Kondo has published four books on organizing.
After receiving backlash for her comments, Roman, 34, publicly apologized to Teigen, 34, and Kondo, 35, via a letter shared to her social media.
"I need to formally apologize to Chrissy Teigen and Marie Kondo. I used their names disparagingly to try to distinguish myself, which I absolutely do not have an excuse for," Roman wrote. "It was stupid, careless and insensitive. I need to learn, and respect, the difference between being unfiltered and honest vs. being uneducated and flippant."
The letter continued, stating that Teigen and Kondo have both "worked extremely hard to get to where they are."
Teigen responded on Twitter, thanking Roman for her kind words.
"To be clear, it never once crossed my mind for u to apologize for what you genuinely thought! The comments stung, but they moreso stung because they came from u!" Teigen wrote online. "It wasn't my usual news break of some random person hating everything about me!"
Reps for the Times did not immediately respond to Fox News' request for comment.
Source: Fox News