After strong year one, TXT pursue growth via self-production, surprise remake

After strong year one, TXT pursue growth via self-production, surprise remake

May 18, 2020

Seoul (South Korea), May 18: Putting their 2019 debut success behind them, K-pop act Tomorrow X Together said Monday they have worked hard to pursue artistic growth through their new EP, "The Dream Chapter: Eternity," trying out self production and a surprise remake of a beloved Korean pop classic.
"All of our members try to write our own music whenever we find the time. We're working hard to include new material in our next album as well,"Yeonjun, rapper and singer of the group, also commonly referred to as TXT, said during a media showcase for the new record held at Yes 24 Live Hall in eastern Seoul.
The closed event was streamed on YouTube for media, ahead of the album's scheduled 6 p.m. release.
The record contains six songs and is fronted by "Can't You See Me?," a trap rhythm pop track highlighted by grunge-tinted power chords, and also includes "Maze in the Mirror," an acoustic-heavy dream pop number with writing credited to all five members. Member Beomgyu is credited as a co-producer of the song.
A surprise remake of the Korean pop classic, "Fairy of Shampoo," from the jazz-pop band Light Salt is also part of the track list.
"It's a song from the '90s when we weren't even born. But it's been beloved for its classy sound. We tried to present a different appeal by reinterpreting it through our style,"Yeonjun said.
He added, "Remaking a song so widely known that even my parents knew it was a tall order." The singer said he watched the old TV series of the same title, which carried the music as its theme song, in writing the new rap portion.
"Eternity" marks the third release under the group's "The Dream Chapter" concept series, preceded by "The Dream Chapter: Magic," a full-length album dropped in October of last year, and debut EP "The Dream Chapter: Star" in March 2019.
The group is often seen as a younger brother group of K-pop titans BTS, due to their sharing the same label and management agency, Big Hit Entertainment. Big Hit founder Bang Si-hyuk is credited as a co-producer of the title song "Can't You See Me?"
Since their debut, TXT proved to be a breakout success, collecting 10 rookie-of-the-year awards during last year's music award season.
Source: Yonhap News Agency