2 killed in nightclub shooting in South Carolina

2 killed in nightclub shooting in South Carolina

Jul 06, 2020

South Carolina (USA), July 6: A shooting at a nightclub in the southern US state of South Carolina has claimed the lives of two people and wounded eight others.
The shooting occurred inside a nightclub in Greenville County around 2 a.m. on Sunday.
Police suspect at least two people opened fire. Officials also think gang members may have been involved in the incident.
They say hundreds of customers were inside the nightclub, even though the South Carolina government has banned gatherings of more than 50 people, at places such as nightclubs and concert halls, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
US media outlets report that the police are looking into whether the club had a permit from local authorities to open on Independence Day. They also report that people inside the club did not practice social distancing.
South Carolina has seen a sharp rise in the number of coronavirus cases, since economic activity resumed last month. The state has reported more than 40,000 infections so far.
Source: NHK World